Pennsylvania baseball player fatally punched in the face while dismantling unauthorized dugout

A coroner in Pennsylvania ruled a college baseball player died accidentally when a makeshift dugout collapsed and he was punched in the face

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A college baseball player died after being punched in the face this week when a makeshift dugout he helped break down collapsed on him.

Angel Mercado, 19, was a middle infielder who had just finished his freshman season at Division II Central Penn College. He played in a summer recreation league that held its games and practices at a park in Harrisburg.

The coach of Mercado’s team had built a makeshift dugout out of wood there on Sunday, but city officials told him that was not allowed. Mercado was one of a group of players dismantling the structure on Monday afternoon when it unexpectedly collapsed and he was punched in the face.

Mercado suffered a traumatic head injury and was taken to hospital, where he died on Tuesday. The Cumberland County coroner ruled the death accidental.

“Nothing criminal has happened here,” said city spokesman Matt Maisel. “No charges will be brought against the coach. No charges will be brought against anyone. This is just a tragedy.”

During the school’s commencement ceremony on Thursday night, some students paid tribute to Mercado by wearing his initials and baseball jersey number on their graduation attire.

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